10 WWE Characters Only Created For ONE Feud

10. Mr. America (Vince McMahon)

Mr America Hulk Hogan

The weirdest thing here is that this gimmick happened in 2003, not 1983.

After the vile Mr. McMahon banished Hulk Hogan from his company, the 'Hulkster' decided to don a mask, cosplay an Avenger and become Mr. America. The preposterous insinuation was that McMahon and his cronies couldn't prove Hogan was beneath the mask even though it was blatantly him.

America looked like Hulk, used Hogan's trademark promo style, performed the same move set and was... Hulk Hogan in a blue mask and different ring gear. Behind the scenes, Hogan was reportedly unhappy with his creative direction and decided to leave WWE. It's doubtful they would've continued with Mr. America had he stayed.

The gimmick was only created to prolong the feud between Hulk and McMahon, and because the world needed to see that rematch between Hogan and Piper at Judgment Day. This is one to avoid during late-night Network binge sessions unless you're a mark for all things Hulk.


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