10 WWE Comedy Characters That Somehow Didn't SUCK

WWE and comedy often don't go well together but some performers have managed to make it work.

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Comedy and wrestling often don’t mesh well together, but there are some individuals who can use their funny side to make it seem like one of the best parts of the wacky sport. WWE has utilized ‘comedic’ performers throughout its existence, as these types of wrestlers are often seen as television-friendly, imitable characters that can provide some levity during the hours of weekly programming.

Despite this, there are few examples of genuinely funny WWE characters beyond the many "comedy" acts that are wildly outdated or problematic and weren't "on" in the first instance (see Eugene). The promotion’s interpretation of comedy can often be cringe-inducing, like making giant monsters dance at every opportunity, or bullying their loyal, long-term employees like Jim Ross or Howard Finkel.

The cruel-spirited WWE can somehow still provide some moments of comedy, in utter spite of itself, that makes characters seem endearing, leading to a great deal of fan support for these individuals.

Often, it is just a case of throwing a load of jokes at the wall until one will stick but there can be, on occasion, some laughs to be had watching World Wrestling Entertainment.

10. Heath Slater

Kurt Angle dork

Heath Slater debuted as part of The Nexus, maybe one of the biggest missed opportunities in WWE history, where he looked like one of the more assured workers in the group. Even the great Bret Hart felt most comfortable working with the 'One Man Band' during his feud with the group in 2010.

Not just a solid in-ring worker though, Slater would flex his comedic chops throughout his time in the promotion, with the tag-team specialist often appearing alongside an unlikely partner. WWE loves an odd-couple tag team, but Heath managed to master the otherwise tiresome trope and get over in a number of different tandems that should have been D.O.A.

The Virginian would be at his funniest after finding himself as a free agent following the 2016 draft which saw him go unpicked by either Raw or SmackDown, campaigning for a job proclaiming ‘I Got Kids’. He managed to form a team with the returning Rhyno in one of the best odd-couple tag team acts in WWE history, which showed how Slater's goofy charisma warranted a more profiled push much sooner.

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