10 WWE Moments You Won't Believe Are 10 Years Old

8. Save_Us.Y2j


Chris Jericho left WWE in 2005, citing physical and creative burnout. He was no longer passionate about professional wrestling and needed to step away to do other things and reinvigorate himself.

In September 2007, cryptic video packages began airing on WWE programming. They featured a computer code. Each week, more of the message was revealed until "Save_Us" appeared. Thanks to the internet and obvious clues, it became apparent that the videos were hyping the return of Y2J to WWE television.

When he did finally popup on November 19, one night after the Survivor Series pay-per-view, he drew a thunderous ovation.

That was the one positive moment to come out of his return.

The babyface character too closely resembled the Y2J character that had grown stale years earlier. The initial spark burnt out, leaving Jericho a small fish in a big pond. Instead of enjoying a sustained main event run, he was shoved back into the mangled midcard mess, and Jeff Hardy benefited with his most substantial push to date.

Still, Jericho's return remains one of the biggest stories of 2007 and an unforgettable moment in his Hall of Fame career.


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