10 WWE Returns That Came Out Of Nowhere

10. Gangrel


A cult favourite here at WhatCulture Towers, we like Gangrel because he is a shared, unforgettable monument of our Attitude Era adolescence and, by wrestling standards, he seems a very decent chap. He's an amiable dork who loves vampire culture so much that he gave himself shoot fangs.

We love Gangrel.

Vince McMahon did not like Gangrel for this reason. To recap: Vince McMahon has conceived of and promoted race car drivers, waste disposal technicians, magicians, pirates, evil dentists, evil monks, evil hockey players, anthropomorphic turkeys, and sneaky burglars - but a vampire character was deemed too stupid. The Brood, to a reluctant Vince, acted purely as a platform to get Edge over, and once that mission was halfway accomplished, he force-fed Gangrel garlic on the way out of the door.

All of which made his return a very odd, is-this-real-life sort of deal. Drafted in by JBL as pawns in a game with rival the Undertaker - "Hey Heath, your ass still sore from last time?!" - Gangrel and Viscera, having assaulted the Undertaker the previous week, faced off against the Dead Man in a handicap match.

The Undertaker character, incidentally, is also undead. And he's Vince's most enduring favourite.

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