10 WWE Stars Fans Refused To Give Up On

"I Quit" isn't in the vocabulary...

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair
"I'm a pretty good listener".

Those were the words of Vince McMahon during a now-iconic sit-down with Steve Austin in 2015. The WWE chief was defending his methods and claimed success comes by listening to the audience and giving them what they've always wanted in the end.

Note "the end". Nobody ever said "the end" comes "immediately". That's why there are so many talents who took years to shake off creative rust or find their own path towards superstardom. One can wheel out any number of cliches/excuses here; it's a long road to the top, for one. Good things comes to those who wait. There's another.

The point is, so many wrestlers within the WWE sphere are weirdly trampled upon by the very people who are supposed to help get them over. When this happens, it's up to the fans to ensure these characters don't dissolve into nothingness. There are a lot of things people could say about the fickleness of the wrestling community at large, but they can be a loyal bunch too.

The men and women on this list know that first hand. They had supporters even when things looked desperately bleak...

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