10 WWE Stars Who Must Be Split Up In Draft 2016

Time for the brand split to break up some bad relationships.

roman reigns john cena

The brand split is returning. Thank god! Sure, Raw and SmackDown will each have half the star power they had before, but we’ll get to see a lot of new faces, and we won’t have to see Roman Reigns twice a week (well, when he returns from suspension). The company has badly struggled to fill their five hours of primetime TV every week for their main roster with fresh content, and has forced us to watch variations of the same matches over and over again.

Years ago, you’d see someone like Rick Rude wrestle only a handful of times a year on TV. Now, someone who is near his upper-mid card equivalent, like a Dolph Ziggler, clocks in at nearly 100 matches. It’s exhausting to watch. Luckily, that won’t be as much of an issue soon with the split, but still, there are a few wrestlers who just need to get the hell away from each other! Hopefully WWE realizes that and splits them up.

Part of the reason some of the talent needs to go their separate ways is because their feuds have been exhausted, and just seeing them around each other breeds staleness. Others need to break away so they can start a new career on their own. And a few big names need to be apart, so they can create some compelling matches down the line. From main-eventers to tag team specialists, here are the wrestlers who need to be on separate brands.


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