10 WWE SummerSlam Hidden Gems You Need To Check Out

10. John Morrison vs. CM Punk (2007)

The 2007 version of SummerSlam is best-remembered for being the night on which Triple H returned from his second major quadriceps injury. As a babyface, 'The Game' defeated Booker T in one of the main matches on the show. In the main event, John Cena battled Randy Orton for the WWE Title, but there was also another cracker earlier on the card. CM Punk may be out of the WWE bubble nowadays, but in 2007 he was fighting hard to make his way up the ladder. As part of the 'C' level ECW brand, Punk was one of the top stars on WWE's version of the extreme promotion. Almost smack bang in the middle of SummerSlam '07, Punk faced John Morrison for the ECW Championship. Right before Triple H returned to a thunderous reception, both men put on a tidy little contest. Admittedly, Punk vs. Morrison from a episode of ECW one month later was superior to the SummerSlam effort. Nonetheless, the title match on the Pay-Per-View was satisfying, and one of the better matches on the show. It's perhaps odd that the bout was little more than set-up for the TV match, but the action was quick and both men had great chemistry.

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