10 WWE Superstar Careers Completely F****d By Injuries

8. Christian

It€™s a shame that Captain Charisma made this list, because for the majority of his 20-year career, aside from a back injury in 2004, Christian had been extremely durable. He had remained mostly injury-free until September 2010, where he tore his pectoral muscle and was out until next February. After his World Heavyweight Championship reign ended at Summerslam, Christian began a feud with Sheamus, but injured his neck and ankle and was out for a few months. He returned in February 2012 and was all set to join Team Johnny for Wrestlemania, but his shoulder injuries were still nagging, and he was written out of the storyline for a few months. He returned as a babyface at Over the Limit that year, but once again aggravated his shoulder a few months later and was gone again. Christian was sidelined 10 months before returning in the Summer of 2013 at the Money in the Bank Pay Per View and was given a main event match at Summerslam. He was written off television a few months later, possibly because WWE couldn€™t count on him with his injury history. Christian returned again earlier this year in January, but suffered a concussion in March and hasn€™t been used since. He€™s slowly being eased back into the show by having a Peep Show on Smackdown the other week, but with his recent injury history and his age, it€™s tough to know whether he€™ll receive a prominent push ever again.
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