10 WWE Superstars Who Could Dethrone Roman Reigns

All good things must come to an end, but who has what it takes to defeat the Tribal Chief?

Roman Reigns Sami Zayn

WWE is pretty exciting right now, isn't it?

The goodwill from HHH's ascent to Head of Creative shows no sign of stopping, and the product has felt, for the most part, a lot better. One of the reasons being, that they have the biggest star in wrestling sitting on top of the whole thing.

Roman Reigns is a megastar.

Right now, he reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion but rumours are the networks would like a belt on either show. Triple H would probably agree, so it's likely they'll split the belts once more - and this list is a run down of who could make that happen.

Before we delve into this, let's discount some possible entries. Riddle is still blossoming into a main event talent, but he's forbidden from fighting for the company's top prize with Reigns as champ. Randy Orton was pencilled in for this year's SummerSlam at the height of Reigns' beef with his RK-Bro running buddy, but his extended absence has cooled that significantly.

Big E would be an absolute must for this list but the severity of his injury means just a return to the ring would be a miracle, and Bron Breakker seems more likely to stick it out in the new NXT than jump up that many rungs that quickly. Triple H favourites like Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa seem too far away at present. Brock Lesnar, surely, is done and dusted for the foreseeable. As is Drew McIntyre after the outrageous singalong at Clash at the Castle.

So, who have we got? Lets find out.

10. The Rock

Roman Reigns Sami Zayn

Let's get this obvious one out of the way.

As we said, WWE is a different place these days and it feels a little less like they are relying on a marquee name to sell a show. You know, the way Vince McMahon rolled out Goldberg or Brock Lesnar in lieu of an actual storyline.

There is definitely a time and a place for The Rock to confront Roman Reigns and challenge his claim of being the reason the family get to eat, and the atmosphere when that happens will be electric.

But it shouldn't be for the belts.

There is no way, what with Black Adam hitting theatres later this year and his schedule as busy as ever, that The Rock would stick around for a title run. Whilst he is still the 'People's Champion', and one of the biggest names in the industry's history, Dwayne Johnson is not a wrestler anymore.

As one of the highest paid actors in the world, the man has long since transcended the business, so if this showdown were to take place, then WrestleMania is the only place for it to happen. But with that said, the 'Tribal Chief' would have needed to have dropped the belt by then for it to happen.

But you never know... even if just for a month...


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