10 WWE Wishes (That Will Never Come True)

9. Edge and Christian Reunion

Undertaker Sting

For two Royal Rumbles in a row, WWE fans were overjoyed to see the returns of Canadian veterans whose in-ring days appeared to be long over. 2020 saw the improbably re-emergence of Edge; a year later the less flashy but equally heartwarming comeback of his best pal (and former brother) Christian.

The two embraced in the ring and did a little double team action - and then that was sort of it. Captain Charisma’s release was confirmed shortly after, and he’s now with AEW (and presumably transitioning to Impact, whose world belt he’s just won), doing very nicely indeed.

The sheer fact that these two are competing in 2021 is enough for most fans, but to reunite one of the all-time great tag teams, even just for a few matches, would have been a dream come true. Both men are pushing 50 and most likely want to explore new angles with their remaining years - besides, they hadn’t teamed for many years before their early retirements - but nobody knows the power of nostalgia better than WWE.

It’s hard to see Christian making yet another WWE return, so with a heavy heart, we’ve most likely seen our last five-second pose already.


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