10 WWE Wrestlers That Went From The Top To The Bottom Then Back Again

Nobody thought about this at Money In The Bank, but WWE's elevators go both ways...

Seth Rollins has had a productive year.

Or should that be reproductive, eh? Based on how many people supposedly p*ssed themselves at some of the gags in the Money In The Bank ladder match, that's enough to extract a cry-laugh emoji or two in These Trying Times™. But anyway, while the impending birth of his first child with Becky Lynch will surely be a welcome distraction from the world's other ills for the both of them, it also comes right as 'The Monday Night Messiah' has locked into yet another intriguing new element of a persona that took shape in the shadow of one of the company's biggest disasters in years.

Turning heel in November 2019 after the company (and his own Twitter fingers) booked him into oblivion as a babyface, Rollins' cult leader shtick was a bit milquetoast CM Punk at first, but gradually gathered steam to the point where his empty arena WrestleMania match was one of the few without bells and whistles to actually work really well.

In what played like a rib due to 'The Man' becoming 'The Ma' earlier in the broadcast, Rollins' latest repackaging saw him emerge in a total trance following his title match loss to Drew McIntyre one night earlier, before snapping on Fatherhood well-wisher Rey Mysterio.

That they've rebuilt 'The Architect' after burning him all the way down last year is a testament to their patience with this particular turn, and tragically, just how it works anyway now...

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