10 WWE Wrestlers Vince McMahon Didn’t Know How To Book

Casualties of a broken star-making system.

That Vince McMahon isn't an effective star-maker anymore feels more like a statement of fact than opinion every passing month.

It is strengthened whenever Randy Orton and Big Show (combined age: 88) draw the lowest 18-49 rating in RAW's 27-year history with a plodding main event, or 53-year-old Bill Goldberg inexplicably shows up and squashes a popular, merch-shifting Universal Champion in Saudi Arabia. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin popping the red brand's highest television rating in six months tells a similar story, as does the Main Event relegation of people like Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, forced to fight for scraps on a show even the hardest of the hardcore don't watch.

The situation has created the ridiculous corporate assertion that the WWE brand is the draw now, not the wrestlers, which makes no sense in a star-driven business. Unequivocally, the Chairman and CEO has failed at creating, pushing, and presenting drawing acts, hence his product's popularity dropping by 65% in six years.

None of this is to say that all of the wrestlers within should have been main-eventers (though some perhaps should have), though each highlights Vince's limitations as a modern booker...

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