10 WWE Wrestlers Who Have Struggled Under Triple H’s Booking

9. Street Profits

Hit Row WWE 2022

The Street Profits are by no means failing in Triple H's WWE, but the tandem was being profiled in greater positions before 'The Game' took creative control. Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford have, like many other tag teams, been playing second fiddle to the champions as the Usos continue their record-setting title reign.

However, the two burgeoning stars have barely been given time on WWE television post-SummerSlam, and when they have it has been in fairly routine matches against the likes of the Alpha Academy, Brawling Brutes, and Maximum Male Models. There may be injury-related reasons for their lackluster presentation as of late, but the two deserve extended screen time on every show given how entertaining they have proven to be in recent years.

A potential split could still be on the cards for the team, but they should definitely be given another title reign before this happens. Ford has always been touted for great success due to his palpable charisma, but Dawkins has done more than enough to demonstrate he could be a breakout star in the singles realm too.


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