10 WWE Wrestlers Who Should’ve Got One More Title Run

9. Tajiri

Raw Goldberg

What? Cruiserweight Championship

When? Early 2017

Why? In September 2016, WWE brought the Cruiserweight Championship back to its main roster. Four months later, the company also brought Tajiri back, a former three-time holder of the previous incarnation of the belt.

Tajiri had featured in the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic, where he not only proved he could still cut the mustard but that he was also still over with a WWE crowd. That led to him later debuting on the new 205 Live show in January 2017. However, his run was cut short by a knee injury and by the time he was cleared to return, the company no longer wanted him.

Age was said to be a factor, but with 205 Live faltering and Tajiri still being over with the audience, one last run with the revived belt would have been a fitting finale for the 46-year-old, while it may also have benefited the perception of the division to have a familiar face at the top of it.

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