11 Reasons WWE WrestleMania 32 Is Cursed

11. The Rock Dropped Out

The earliest plan for WrestleMania 32 was The Rock versus Triple H in the show closing main event. From a mainstream point of view, it was the biggest thing WWE could do. Two icons of the Attitude Era, still in great physical shape, going at it in a match that would recapture the attention of the masses. The angle was shot as far back as an October 2014 Smackdown, in which Hunter and Rocky traded verbal shots. They then followed up with a sensational segment at WrestleMania 31. However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that plans for Rock against Triple H had to be scrapped. Rock is due to be filming next spring and there was an issue with the timing and insurance. As a result, WWE's big idea fell through. Attention turned to another idea for Triple H...
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