11 Shortest WWE Title Changes In History

3. Bob Backlund vs. Diesel (26 November 1994 - MSG)

Bob Backlund Diesel

Time: 8 seconds

Who cares about house shows anyway!?

That'd be the war cry if anyone dared suggest that Diesel's 1994 success was one second shorter than Brock Lesnar's 2019 one. The fact is this: Bob Backlund took a kick to the gut and a Jackknife Powerbomb in eight tiny little seconds, and he did it with aplomb. This was a WWF servant doing his bit for the future.

Diesel's win was a shock, and not least because it took place off TV. Madison Square Garden would've been expecting Bob to escape via count out, disqualification or some other shenanigans. They cannot have predicted that they'd see the WWF crown a relatively untested newcomer as the top guy in front of them on 26 November '94.

It happened however, and it led to a year-long reign as champion for Kevin Nash before he later bolted to mega-bucks in WCW and became an even bigger deal. That might not have been his destiny had Backlund been unwilling to get squished.


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