12 Vince McMahon Secrets To Success

12. The Support Of His Wife

Linda McMahon has been one of the very biggest factors in Vince McMahon's success. She has been the one constant in his adult life, having married him in August 1966. They were poor in the years after their marriage, so it was both emotional and financial support that Linda offered Vince. She was his personal rock, and it is hard to imagine any of his business ventures would have been possible if she hadn't been there. As a duo, they pooled their resources and finances. That was especially true in Vince's business dealings, as she helped him to buy the Cape Cod Coliseum in 1979, which was Vince's first real promotional and business effort. She worked alongside him in managing the venue, eventually turning it into a profitable success. When Vince purchased the WWF in the early 80's, she was once again a pivotal factor. She was a big player in the business side of the WWF, especially in terms of creating new revenue streams like merchandising. She also took up many of the WWE's biggest contract negotiations. For Vince, it was priceless to have a partner of such capability.
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