11 WWE Questions You Most Want Answered (Oct 30)

It has been a big week for WWE.

The past week has been a big one for WWE, with lots of changes made, inevitably leading to lots of questions from wrestling fans. This week's Q And A will cover subjects like Alberto Del Rio's WWE deal, Roman Reigns' push, and many more intriguing subjects. The first thing that should be said, is WWE did a good job this week of refreshing their product. They tied several feuds up at Hell In A Cell, then started a range of new directions on Raw. The ratings are still on the disappointing side, but they steadied somewhat and there's signs of optimism for the November outlook. Let's start things off with one of the hot topics of the week, Alberto Del Rio coming back to WWE.

11. Are WWE And AAA Working Together?

Asked by @CursedWind21 Del Rio is the new WWE US Champion, at the same time as being the AAA Mega Champion. At the very least, both sides are communicating to negotiate his dates and future. However, they aren't working together. Del Rio is expected to drop the AAA belt soon and finish up with them. He'll then solely be a WWE superstar. This was expected to take place in November, however, Del Rio is now scheduled for WWE's European tour, so his date to go back to AAA is very much up in the air. AAA were disappointed at his decision to leave, but there are no hard feelings. They understand that he had to take the opportunity, and they couldn't afford to match WWE's $1.4 million offer. There's no AAA / WWE relationship, this isn't a situation like EVOLVE.
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