12 MORE WWE Superstars With The Worst T-Shirts EVER

Not worth the polyester they're printed on...


Sasha Banks' comeback to television made for one of the best WWE segments of the year thanks to her incredible heel fire and the cathartic nature of her return from the abyss.

And her blue hair.

Not sarcasm. Her blue hair looked f*cking awesome. It was rather on-the-nose in terms of reflecting her "true colours" etc etc etc, but from a strategic point of view that's more curious clicks of the segment on YouTube, more people keen to see the "new" Sasha, more people excited that 'The Boss' isn't so much back as she is completely reimagined for whatever this main roster run will provide. And more action figures.

Don't think this wasn't also a money move - a new look will result in all the former Sasha Banks dolls and action figures requiring a financially fruitful upgrade to include the new 'do. Same for the posters, the matching 'BOSS' shades and the t-shir-


Perhaps the first batch of these will get sold as rarities before the blue version becomes standard, but this reflected a rare misfire from a company ordinarily so switched on to merchandising opportunities that it's a wonder they didn't find out Roman Reigns' leukemia battle was won before he did. Banks' shirt above isn't the ugliest of all time, but it's so horribly out of date the day before its release that it's hard to imagine it ever doing great guns at the gimmick table.

And as for the rest of these horror shows, some may even be worse than these.


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