14 Shortest Matches In WWE History

1. Jerry Lawler & Chris Jericho Vs. Tazz And Mideon - Raw (3 Seconds)

Tazz entered WWE with a reputation from ECW as one of the baddest men on the planet, but within months he was embroiled in a comedy feud with Jerry Lawler. This was the lowest point of that rivalry.

A good example to demonstrate how wrestling fans sometimes look at the booking of the Attitude Era through rose tinted glasses, this one featured Tazz getting a surprise partner, who turned out to be Naked Mideon mimicking Hulk Hogan's famous entrance. While Tazz was distracted and confused, Lawler rolled him up while the bell was still ringing to hand Tazz the quickest loss in WWE history. Poor Tazz...


Working babyface out of Mid-South in the eighties...