14 Ups & 2 Downs From AEW Dynamite (Oct 29)

Jon Moxley lets rip on AEW's most balanced show to date.

Jon Moxley

Shock of all shocks, last night's AEW Dynamite was great.

We're only five weeks into the show's televised run but the Wednesday night spectacular feels very much the breath of fresh air the stale American wrestling scene needed, with great matches, popping angles, and white-hot crowds ready to lap them up. These people are ravenous, and last night's Charleston, West Virginia mob may have been AEW's best yet, with their passion and enthusiasm taking everything on this show to the next level.

The Inner Circle dominated Dynamite's fifth episode. Sammy Guevara was their only in-ring representative (facing Hangman Page in the opener) but a night of impactful, well-worked segments and angles saw them reign supreme, particularly in Chris Jericho and Cody's Full Gear contract signing. Elsewhere, AEW finally gave Jon Moxley some mic time, pimped Rick and Morty, delivered another white-knuckle Elite trios match, and crowned their inaugural Tag Team Champions as SoCal Uncensored faced the Lucha Brothers.

There are still some nuts and bolts to be tightened with AEW's televised product, but they're a young company. That they're already delivering at this level so consistently is astounding. Let's break it down...


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