15 Bizarre Wrestling Gimmicks You Won't Believe Happened More Than Once

10. Butts Guy

Let's be honest: the moment that someone pitched a wrestler whose defining characteristic was "likes butts a whole lot", the entire sport should have been swallowed up by the Earth to prevent such evil from spreading to the stars, but nope, it happened twice. Stupid planet. The obvious one is Billy Gunn, storied Ass Man of the Attitude Era. It started innocently enough, when "The Road Dogg" Jesse James and "The Bad Ass" Billy Gunn started referring to themselves as Mr. Dogg and Mr. Ass. It was a throwaway joke, but Billy was trapped. He was fitted with a bizarre theme song about "stickin' 'em" and made to moon his opponents. It was, uh, a different time.
But Billy had an ancestor (anc-asstor?) in the Booty Man, a putrid Brutus Beefcake characterization from WCW. Dressed as a jazzercise Ultimate Warrior with holes cut out of his tights for his butt cheeks, Booty put his opponents away with his dreaded high knee (har). A very young, very foxy Kimberly Page was on hand as the Booty Babe to convince us that an ass-themed barber was every woman's fantasy. Do you feel dirty? I feel dirty.

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