15 Wrestlers Taught By Surprising Trainers

15. Tyler Breeze: Lance Storm

From NXT standout to ruefully underused fashion policeman, Tyler Breeze's strength has been his top-to-bottom integration of his gimmick into his work. He's Breezus from the moment he steps through the curtain to the moment he limps, defeated, back to the locker room. He even inhabits his character 100%, for example when he's in a exclusive interview excitedly explaining how Pokémon Go works to a bewildered Fandango.

And yet he was trained by Lance Storm, the poster boy for letting one's ring work speak for itself. It's hard to imagine Storm stressing the importance of character work, but that's exactly what's brought Breeze to prominence. Actually, Breeze's former persona from FCW -- the scrappy white meat babyface Mike Dalton -- evinced a lot more of Storm's signature "how do you like these COMPETENT FUNDAMENTALS" influence.


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