15 Wrestlers Taught By Surprising Trainers

14. Cesaro: Dave Taylor

Cesaro is such a natural super athlete (sorry, Rusev) that it's difficult to imagine him actually being broken in and put through his paces by anyone. You just picture him sauntering into day one of training camp in a tailored suit, sipping a cappuccino, tossing his drink in the air, uppercutting his trainer to death, and catching his cup on the way back down without spilling a drop.

But in fact, Cesaro was initially trained by the absurdly-named Swiss wrestler SigMasta Rappo, and later received additional training from former WCW Blue Blood and ersatz William Regal, 'Squire' Dave Taylor. Once recognized, Taylor's influence -- from his technical skill to his incredibly stiff uppercuts to his career marked by disappointing underutilization -- is hard to unsee.


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