18 Things We Learned From Shane McMahon's Tell-All WWE Network Podcast

17. Growing Up As The Son Of Vince McMahon

shane mcmahon mick foley

Mick talks about how the pop Shane received wasn't just about the excitement to have him back but that it was a genuine sense of respect and is looking forward to taking the fans on a "nice little journey" through Shane's life, asking what it was like growing up as the son of Vince McMahon.

Vince was on the road a lot, and all Shane wanted was for his father to be around, but it was difficult because he was away so often working. He recalls a story his mother told where he was sitting with his parents watching wrestling and Vince appeared on TV and Shane looked at the screen confused and said "Two Dadas?" He reiterates that he grew up just "wishing he was there more."

Foley says that's a universal feeling among wrestling children, and wants to know how his friends felt around his dad. Shane agrees that his dad is an iconic figure but says he guesses you juts become used to it.


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