18 Things You Probably Missed From WWE Raw (Dec 9)

Samoa Joe forgetting his own past, Justin Bieber and Becky Lynch's potty mouth...

He did it for The Rock.

OK, obviously not. Seth Rollins has officially officially turned heel after a few weeks of teasing it, and he's aligned with Paul Ellering's least favourite tag-team AOP. First up on Rollins' heel slate is a showdown with Kevin Owens, one WWE are likely to play through until WrestleMania season kicks off around the Royal Rumble time.

On this week's Raw, Samoa Joe agreed with Seth's outlook on how negative fans forced his hand, but then went back on what he was saying with some odd commentary that didn't do him or the segment any favours. This is a problem in WWE: Joe and other heels are asked to forget their own pasts to tell stories in the present. It rarely works, as evidenced by this little gem you totally could've missed.

Other things you probably missed include awful camera angle changes that almost ruined finishes, the return of the 'Wild Card Rule' (sort of), cameramen who need to look where they're walking, Kevin Owens taking one for the team and Becky Lynch saying exactly what's on her mind...


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