19 Things We Learned From Nancy Benoit's Sister On Talk Is Jericho

18. First Impressions Of Benoit

Chris Benoit Wrestlemania Press Conference In New York

Sandra says that Kevin Sullivan essentially wrote and produced his own divorce, and adds that it wasn't intentional for Nancy and Chris to end up together, but when they did they fell madly in love and nothing else mattered to them other than the need to be with each other and to start a family.

Jericho asks what her first impressions of him were. She says he was very quiet, a contrast to her loud Irish-Italian family. Her brand of sarcasm didn't translate well to him at first, but after they got to know each other he found her quite funny.

Chris was kind and considerate, quiet and focused; a driven guy but caring who loved her sister and wanted to be around her family. She calls him a stark contrast from Nancy's past relationships who her family had not been close to, saying they had an open door policy in regards to spending time together.


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