20 Dumbest Gimmick Matches In WCW History

11. Viagra On A Pole Match

In which Billy Kidman and Shane Douglas compete for the affections of Torrie Wilson by clambering up yet another pole to retrieve a bottle of erectile dysfunction medication. But soft, you can almost hear a voice whispering on the wind, "crash teevee, broooooooo . . ."

Yes, who else but Vince Russo would think to combine the two things wrestling fans love more than anything else: sexual insecurity and poles? You know the drill by this point: two guys eschew an interesting match in favor of trying to climb something, climaxing with the item being used as a weapon. In this case, it was a mysteriously old-timey brown glass bottle filled with what appeared to be Mentos.

Defining Moment: Torrie Wilson "making Kidman eat" Viagra by gently bonking his forehead into the mat.

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