20 Dumbest Gimmick Matches In WCW History

12. Piñata On A Pole Match

Hey, you know what would spice up this seemingly-interminable slog through a forest of poles? Some good old-fashioned racism! As you may know, Vince Russo, who booked this match, is on record as believing that American fans are incapable of caring about Japanese or Mexican wrestlers, since, you know, he is. Therefore, he apparently felt that the best possible use for WCW's fabled cruiserweight division was as a racist punchline, and therefore had a bunch of Mexican adults fight over a piñata with a check inside of it.

Aside from the questionability of the concept in general, the match itself was also a fragrant pitcher of hot dog water. Almost immediately, the piñata fell to the ground, and the luchadores, unsure what to do, just continued to wrestle the match that could only be won by retrieving it. Eventually, Good Dude Psicosis even attempted to re-hang it, but gave up and left it there. During all of this, the real focus was on Ed Ferrara's "Oklahoma" character and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, who were debuting.

Defining Moment: Juventud Guerrera finally opening the piñata and finding only candy, and Dr. Death storming the ring to beat everyone up for no reason and leave with the check.

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