20 Things We Learned From Joe Rogan's Podcast Interview With Jake Roberts

20. A Combo Of NFL & Dallas Influenced His Gimmick

Jr Ewing

Bill Watts hated the idea that one of his wrestlers would carry a snake to the ring, tried to shut it down immediately and told Jake it was "too circus".

Roberts disagreed and fought for the gimmick in Mid-South, but he knew he was fighting a losing battle. Watts was the boss, and if he didn't like the idea then it wasn't going to fly in his territory. Jake admitted to Rogan that he was disappointed, because he'd put a lot of thought into trying something different that'd help him stand out.

One evening, he was sinking a few beers and listening to Monday Night Football in the background. Then-Oakland Raiders quarterback Kenny Stabler was on, and Jake loved the fact he was nicknamed 'The Snake'. He believed that'd be a sweet wrestling moniker, and he decided to go literal with it and carry an actual reptile.

Then, knowing he'd need a real name to base it around, the wrestler thought about J.R Ewing in Dallas and how despised he was. "J.R" became Jake Roberts, and a legend was born.

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