20 Things We Learned From Joe Rogan's Podcast Interview With Jake Roberts

19. He Hated Vince McMahon's Lime-Green Spandex Pitch

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By the time he reached the WWF in 1986, it was Jake's turn to hate something. Namely, he couldn't stomach Vince McMahon's suggestion that he start wearing some lime-green spandex.

Roberts' didn't appear to be joking on the podcast when he remembered laughing in Vince's face and saying, "I ain't no f*ggot"; it's important throughout this article (and indeed the interview itself) to remember that Jake is referencing a different time. That doesn't excuse some of the slurs and language, certainly, but he's telling things how they happened, not through a modern filter.

To Roberts, it was ridiculous to think about standing in front of thousands every night wearing spandex, and he didn't want to do it. Of course, he eventually would, and that green outfit with the snake patterned down the side became his most iconic piece of ring attire.

It was almost never seen at all, mainly 'cause Jake believed McMahon had lost his damn mind by daring to pitch such an unmanly costume.

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