20 Worst Wrestlers In TNA History

20. Puppet The Midget Killer

We kick things off with one of the worst wrestling names ever, 'Puppet the Midget Killer', who was himself an actual 'midget' (not exactly PC, but we're talking early 2000s TNA here so just go with it). Determined to establish themselves as low-rent Southern rasslin' right from the off, TNA of course featured a heavily-promoted midget division, which also included such luminaries as the obese Meatball and the hardcore Teo.

They were awful, but not quite as awful as Puppet. What was so bad about Puppet? Well, pretty much everything, but his masturbating into a trashcan pre-match and asking interviewer Goldylocks if she wanted some of his 'porridge' is probably up there with the worst. Other Puppet highlights include him pulling a gun on Jeff Jarrett (kayfabe) and 'wrestling' comedian/actor Tom Arnold. Mascarita Sagrada he ain't.


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