3 New Matches Set For Next Week's WWE NXT

Bronson Reed, Dakota Kai, and more booked with major title implications.

NXT matches

Three matches with potential title implications have been booked for next week's WWE NXT.

Each was set up during last night's show, which was the black and gold brand's second unopposed Tuesday broadcast since switching days, effectively ending the Wednesday Night Wars.

Perhaps the most significant of these bouts is Dakota Kai vs. Mercedes Martinez. Kai's ally, Raquel Gonzalez, is the new NXT Women's Champion, and needs a challenger. Yesterday's episode saw Gonzalez finally address Martinez's constant callouts, leading to Mercedes offering to put Kai down to claim a title shot.


Elsewhere, Bronson Reed will be granted another North American Title shot if he's able to fell The Way's Austin Theory one on one. Current champion Johnny Gargano defeated Reed on TakeOver: Stand & Deliver's second night over WrestleMania 37 week.

The last confirmed match will see Legado Del Fantasma face Kushida and MSK after the NXT Tag Team Champions saved their Cruiserweight counterpart from the heels last night. Kushida had just defeated Oney Lorcan when Santos Escobar's group struck, and the trio will likely seek title shots if they're able to beat the superteam next week.

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