3 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE SmackDown (17 May - Results & Review)

1. One Of The Better Contract Signings

Cody Rhodes Logan Paul

WWE's contract signing segments tend to be a chore, so it was great to see Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul make the best of things on Friday. The added wrinkle of LP saying he didn't fancy putting his United States Title on the line over in Saudi because Cody hadn't earned a crack at him was fun and typical heel arrogance. It worked well.

Being honest, everyone knows Rhodes is winning, so putting both belts on the line didn't seem logical from the start. Booking Cody as a double champ this soon into his cherished WWE Title reign would've been daft. He doesn't need to pull double duty, and the US strap wouldn't look great in the shadow of a more important championship anyway.

The crowd were red hot for this skit once it got going, which is a positive sign. Nick Aldis stormed away fuming at Paul for his legal loophole antics, then Cody showed some much-needed aggression to fire back at Logan's entourage. Mark this segment down as a winner.

Next week's match will be scorching in-ring too.

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