3 Ups And 4 Downs From WCPW Loaded Episode 11

2. Banks Robber

In a backstage interview, Alberto El Patron and El Ligero were asked about their WCPW Internet Championship match at Refuse to Lose. It would have been nice to see some of the Patron about whom fans raved during his last tenure on the independents, but his brief speech felt more like a WWE Alberto Del Rio promo. Ligero didn't say anything, and finally, Travis Banks interrupted everyone to announce that he's been added to the title match. That led to a brawl between Banks and Patron.

This segment was an attempt to build up the PPV match, which is great, but adding Banks to the bout really takes something away. This is the second time, so far as I can recall, that a one-on-one match was made into a triple threat bout at the last minute (the other time was EC3 versus El Ligero at Stacked), and both times, the reason felt obvious - namely, being able to give a win to a WCPW regular without jobbing a big U.S. star.

Adding Banks to the match is just a way to get out of putting the Internet Title on Patron without beating him, and the transparency makes the whole thing feel hollow.


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