4 Ups & 2 Downs From AEW Rampage (Nov 17 - Results & Review)


2. A Little More Needed?

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Emphasis on "little'.

AEW seemed to forget that they were up against WWE SmackDown towards the end of Collision and heading into Rampage. There's only so much wrestling people can watch, so it was in Tony Khan's best interests to make sure his product was the hottest on the night. Was it? Here's the three words again: Yes and no.

Arguably, Rampage could've done with having some involvement from Adam Copeland (and maybe Sting too). Most of the other matches on the card at Full Gear got cracking amounts of hype, but All Elite had a full three hours to fill here on the same night. That doesn't happen to them often.

Tony might've sacked the unwanted squash matches from Collision that meant nothing anyway, and had something/anything from another one of the heaviest hitters instead. The fact Copeland wasn't involved at all, not even in some pre-taped moment, is pretty crap.

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