4 Ups & 3 Downs From AEW Rampage (Aug 5)


3. Drop This

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Mark Henry's simplistic pre-main event promos used to be rather charming, but they've outlived their usefulness to Rampage and pretty much offer nothing of any value these days. Henry's, "It's time for the main event" line doesn't even get the same echo it used to.

These have got to go.

The segments are so formulaic and boring that you're half-expecting Mark to do the old WWE backstage announcer thing and say, "Please welcome my guest at this time" beforehand. Honestly, Tony Khan should hit the refresh button on some of Rampage's formatting and realise that Henry is going through the motions.

After all, what good is a pre-match promo showdown if it doesn't do much to add excitement? Everyone stands around awkwardly reacting to the other room, and then 'Sexual Chocolate' chimes back in to wrap it up. These bits have had their time in the sun.

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