4 Ups & 5 Downs From WWE Superstar Spectacle


5. Out Of Their Hands

WWE Superstar Spectacle

This might seem like a harsh 'Down'.

WWE obviously couldn't travel to India for Superstar Spectacle. Instead, they made the best of things by beaming the show worldwide from the ThunderDome in Florida. This might've been the only way they could do it given the ongoing pandemic, but it still qualifies as a negative.

Again, this was out of Vince McMahon's hands. Watching Spectacle made one thing clear however: India would've been some place to host the show. WWE's own introductory video package showed that there's a fervent appetite for company programming in the country. People would've been tripping over one another for tickets.

So yes, this is harsh, but it's also true. This TV special would've been way better had WWE been able to hop on a plane and take their mix of established favourites and native newcomers to people in the flesh.


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