4 Ups & 6 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Sept 18)

Stupid babyfaces are stupid.

Two weeks ago, WWE produced one of the best episodes of SmackDown all year. Then, last week, things wobbled a bit (almost literally). This past Friday, the company blatantly woke up, yawned and then rolled their eyes at the prospect of filling another two-hour show before the filler Clash Of Champions pay-per-view on 27 September.

Here's the thing: SmackDown is rarely outright terrible. The two-hour run time, comebacks from the likes of Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn etc and the ongoing Bayley vs. Sasha Banks story see to that. However, the program suffers from crippling minor details that only make everyone involved look foolish every week.

The latest show had three different instances of individual character stupidity, and every single one was hard to stomach if you're a long-term viewer. Babyfaces you're meant to root for just come across as utter morons, and some of the lower-card stories are appallingly flimsy.

That's not true of the Intercontinental Title situation, or Big E's rise up the ranks, to be fair.

Here are all the 'Ups' and the 'Downs' from another Friday night at the ThunderDome...


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