42 WTF Moments From WWE Survivor Series 2015

Best PPV commercial ever?

Survivor Series is over for another year, and the consensus among fans seems to be that it was a fairly underwhelming show that offered up few surprises and nowhere near enough excitement. What used to be a flagship show for the WWE is feeling increasingly less relevant these days, with tradtional elimination matches being sidelined and at least half the card delivering Raw-quality matches and little else. Still, even a trainwreck of a PPV is fascinating to watch if only for the perversely hilarious elements: the outrageous signs, the cringe-worthy commentary, and all those lovely, lovely botches. Survivor Series certainly delivered on the weirdness front, from an unexpectedly awesome PPV commercial to one fantastic entrance, some amusingly ham-fisted pop-culture references from JBL, and Hulk Hogan's continued status as "The One Who Can't Be Named" among much more. There's only three short weeks between Survivor Series and TLC, and then NXT TakeOver: London follows a few short days later, so hopefully they'll pick up the slack that this disappointing show left behind. For better and for worse, here are 42 WTF moments from WWE Survivor Series 2015...

42. ISIS "Threaten" To Attack The Event

Over the weekend ahead of Survivor Series, news emerged that hacker group Anonymous had uncovered chatter online suggesting that terrorist group ISIS were possibly plotting to carry out an attack at the event. The FBI subsequently issued a statement that they had no intelligence indicating an attack would take place but have nevertheless co-ordinated with local authorities, while Triple H released his own statement assuring fans that the show would go on as planned with heightened security in the arena. Thankfully, of course, Survivor Series went off without a hitch, apart from fans taking an insanely long time to get into the arena due to extensive security pat-downs and, well, the actual quality of the show itself (but more on that in a moment)...

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