5 Matches To Watch Before WWE Extreme Rules 2015

5. The Shield vs. Evolution - Extreme Rules 2014

To get ready for this year's edition of Extreme Rules, why not start with a look back at one of the best matches the pay-per-view offered up in 2014. While it's up for debate whether the six men involved bettered their effort at Payback the following month, this six-man tag match has plenty to offer in its own right. The Shield were at their best as a group when they had a top-flight trio to do battle with, and Evolution pulled out all the stops to make sure the swan-song feud for the Hounds of Justice lived up to expectations. If you haven't revisited the Shield's work as a unit since their split, it's interesting to see the extent to which each man has tweaked their game while flying solo. The benefit of Seth Rollins' run with The Authority is immediately visible, but there's plenty to be said for the refinement of Dean Ambrose's brawling, too. Of course, this match is also well worth watching as a preface to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at this year's pay-per-view. Looking back, a lot has happened over the course of twelve months €” and few would have been able to predict that we'd already by seeing Rollins as champion defending against Orton just one year down the line.

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