5 Ups & 2 Downs From AEW Rampage (April 15)


2. A Fairly Weak Finish

Wheeler Yuta Billy Gunn

Let's start with that.

Read fan responses to WWE's product on social media/forums and you'll probably come across whines about the constant "surprise roll-up" finishes. If Vince McMahon's company gets it in the neck for that, then it's only fair that everyone else does too.

The rollup might be one of wrestling's most overdone spots, but it's how AEW ended this week's opening six-man pitting the Blackpool Combat Club vs. Billy Gunn and his boys. Wheeler Yuta scoring the pin for his squad made sense, but it really should've been with something else.

There was no gritty violence to speak of from the Combat Club either, and that felt like a step backwards after last week's Yuta-led drama. Being brutally honest, this came across as an afterthought for everyone involved. Just sticking Wheeler in there with Mox and Danielson isn't enough.

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