5 Ups & 2 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Sept 15)


2. A Little Disappointing

AJ Styles Finn Balor

It should be against the law to book AJ Styles and Finn Bálor in a match that goes shorter than 15 minutes. Honestly, that should be the bare minimum on run sheets for these dudes, because they're absolutely class together. Sadly, WWE just didn't give them a long-enough segment to show their wares properly.

The main focus here seemed to be on AJ battling against the numbers game (Luke Gallows is injured, but why does that mean Karl Anderson and Mia Yim are absent?) and Jimmy Uso poking his nose in. Being brutally honest, none of that could elevate this above mediocre, which is a crying shame.

Everybody just wanted a scorcher here. Is that too much to ask? It would've fit on an episode that didn't actually have a lot of wrestling on it, but WWE's writers were more preoccupied with Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest interfering, or Jimmy creating distractions.

Fine, but should've been way better.


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