5 Ups & 7 Downs From WWE WrestleMania 34

Blood & Guts.


As long as WWE insist on allowing shows to spiral beyond a reasonable runtime or refuse to split the 'Show Of Shows' over two days in an arena rsther than an empty gym, there'll perhaps never be a WrestleMania fans can unanimously agree on again.

There were loathsome moments on this card. Spells of moribund misery that would be mourned to this day if they'd taken place during the height of the Attitude Era. Segments so sh*tty that they simply didn't belong on the 'Grandest Stage'.

It also featured one of the greatest Sports Entertainment showpieces in company history.

Such is life on the 'Grandaddy Of Em All'. WWE want people watching every last minute for those valuable Network statistics, so the carrot/stick philosophy underpins the entire card. 12 matches made up the main card with two shunted to the kickoff, but this may look quaint by the time WrestleMania 40 takes up an entire week.

All bets are off now and forever more. They were a year before this show. Back then, they were doing mad sh*te like putting a major singles title on Jinder Mahal.

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