6 Most Embarrassing Things To Ever Happen Inside A UFC Cage

5. Rousimar Palhares Mid-Fight Victory Celebration

Back in 2011, Dan Miller took on hard-hitting Brazilian submission specialist, Rousimar Palhares, at UFC 134.

Early in the first round, Palhares managed to get his opponent to the mat and unleashed some vicious ground and pound. He then went on to celebrate by jumping on the cage and raising his arms in victory.

At this point, one might reasonably ask: What's so embarrassing about that?

You see, the problem was that the referee (Herb Dean) never actually stopped the fight; the contest was technically still going on during the celebration.

After an awkward exchange between the referee and the overzealous fighter, the match continued.

Miller did land a blow that sent the Brazilian to the mat following the incident. However, Palhares was able to win the fight (via decision).


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