6 Talents That NJPW Desperately NEEDS Back

5. Guerrillas of Destiny

Jon Moxley NJPW IWGP US Champion

Bullet Club just doesn't feel like Bullet Club without the Tongans.

While this entry constitutes two wrestlers, hardly anyone thinks of Tama Tonga or Tanga Loa as singles stars, in part because of how amazing they are as a tag team. They form the one entity of the GoD. With Suzuki-Gun's team of Dangerous Tekkers, Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr., being the newest tag champs, and Golden Ace preparing for a rematch, NJPW looks fresh out of formidable tag teams to keep its division interesting.

KES has been long dead with both Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr coming back home. EVIL and SANADA have broken up. The only other established teams that NJPW could throw at their new champions would be TenCozy, and Togi Makabe with Tomoaki Honma in Great Bash Heel - but that's being very generous with the word "formidable."

GoD, despite never having a win at the Tokyo Dome, have always been in contention as one of the best teams in the tag division, often carrying it on their shoulders, beating teams like The Young Bucks, Roppongi 3K, and Los Ingobernables.

The fact is, Bullet Club, despite having the top champion, is starved for more talent, particularly foreign talent, and needs its signature tag team back as soon as possible.


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