7 Best Kurt Angle WWE Feuds

Who got the best out of the Olympic Hero and vice versa?


At WCPW Refuse to Lose, Kurt Angle made his WCPW in a winning effort against Joe Hendry. On October 8th in Manchester, he will compete in a WCPW ring once more when he takes on Cody Rhodes, a man who holds a victory over Angle in 2016. The Olympic Hero has vowed to beat the Grandson of a Plumber and tie the score and, if that were indeed to be the case, then surely a rubber match will happen somewhere down the line.

So are Cody and Angle in the midst of their own little feud? And what about Joe Hendry? Is he going to take this one on the chin or is there another match with Angle in his future as well? Former WWE and TNA star Kurt is no stranger to competitive feuds, having waged war and traded victories with some of the very best the business has to offer.

No matter if it was over championship gold or professional pride, Angle helped create many gripping rivalries that made you want to order pay-per-views and tune in to television to see where the story went next. He had many great ones in WWE between 1999 and 2006, but these are the magnificent seven that stand out.


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