7 Match Star Ratings For WWE Survivor Series 2020

WWE waved goodbye to the Undertaker at Survivor Series, which itself needs to Rest In Peace.


Survivor Series was the dumbest WWE pay-per-view of 2020.

Since Extreme Rules 2020 wore the tagline 'The Horror Show' amid a viral outbreak, and was based on which wrestler would first extract an eyeball, that is saying something. Let's also not forget Money In The Bank, a show on which the wrestlers were invited to 'Climb The Corporate Ladder!' in parallel with WWE firing multiple corporate staffers despite generating record profits, which the layoffs would not have remotely affected.

What next?

WWE Planes, Trains & Automobiles: a madcap show based on the quickest route out of Saudi Arabia?!

Imagine Celtic and Rangers transferring almost literally every player to one another weeks before the Old Firm. That impossible scenario would somewhat negate the toxic fascination ahead of the Old Firm. WWE is in narrative control of their derby, and they effectively do this for some f*cking reason. Because they're dumb? Because they think you're dumb? It is excruciating and exhausting, in any event.

It was bad enough, a few years back, when the 'Shake-Up' was held in April, because no attempt was ever made to make brand loyalty a thing. It is somehow even dumber now. The Draft takes place one month before the big derby. The Street Profits represented SmackDown last night. Looking back at their WWE run, it is the brand they should be least loyal to.

The whole thing is a f*cking farce and it needs to stop.

As for the match quality, not that it mattered much...


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