7 Match Star Ratings For WWE Survivor Series 2021

6. Becky Lynch Vs. Charlotte Flair

Big E Roman Reigns II

Elements of the match were fantastic.

Immediately, it felt like an unvarnished scrap, with a vital, believable tone of animosity established. This was a very delicate (and impressive) balancing act. The match couldn't appear too much like it was threatening to fall apart, because that would suggest it was something - i.e. cooperative and predetermined - that could fall apart. Instead, as articulated with a superb Natural Selection into a Disarm Her counter, the story was stripped of any dire meta connotations. They struck the balance of a feisty, hateful brawl fused with a dramatic counter-driven wrestling match almost perfectly. Reduced, the match was just deliberately ugly enough to convey a spiteful struggle. It was mostly a tremendous piece of business distinct from the trope-heavy soullessness that polluted a card that was otherwise as futile and bland as the wretched build suggested.


Charlotte has taken to adapting Andrade's move-set into her own, which actually worked here as an additional layer to a story WWE stumbled arse-backwards into as a result of its awfulness. Andrade told WWE to f*ck off in the aftermath of the backstage incident, and Charlotte's show of support worked to further babyface Becky. Her execution of the spinning back elbow however was the wrong sort of ugly.

Otherwise, this was a refreshingly non-WWE match that stole a very WWE show, not that the finish was particularly great. The referee knew to look to the ropes, as was established literally seconds before Becky used them to win. A victory that Charlotte didn't remotely sell, incidentally.

A continuation of the story, or the reason the story existed in the first place?

Star Rating: ★★★★

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