7 Other 'Best Of' Wrestling Series You Need To See

6. Booker T Vs. Chris Benoit - WWE 2005/06

Booker T Chris Benoit Best of Series 2005

Lightning is extremely difficult to catch in a bottle twice, especially when fate and tired bodies are also thrown into the mix. With the United States Championship vacant in late 2005, World Wrestling Entertainment tried to do just that by recreating the classic Booker T vs. Chris Benoit Best of Seven Series (more on that later) with the winner coming out on top with the strap.

All good and well in theory, but both men were tired and run down from years of sacrifice and their bodies weren't quite as able to reach those previous levels. Benoit was still going to go 2300mph however, and as a result the matches were as good as anything WWE was producing at the time.

Injury hit as the series passed the halfway point, and Booker was unable to continue despite being 3-1 up. A replacement was chosen in the shape of Randy Orton, but the steam had been taken out of the story. Benoit levelled it all up at 3-3 before Orton won the final match on SmackDown, winning the US Championship for Booker in the process.


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